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Amazing Grace How Sweet the Sound!

If you're looking for a unique and uplifting experience in New York City on a Sunday morning, look no further than the gospel brunch at the Blue Note NYC.  I experienced this one-of-a-kind Sunday morning jubilee this week with some friends and had a rip-roaring good ole gospel time, complete with sitting in with the band on the soul-stirring hymn “Amazing Grace”.   It was a celebration of gospel music, food, and community. They were sold out, with mostly tourists mixed in with a few our table.  There were people there from all over the world. I grew up in a southern Baptist church in Memphis, TN, and have heard and played gospel music all my life.  I am always awed by the fact that gospel music speaks to so many. There was no need to even know the language, yet everyone felt the spirit of music coming from the stage.


I was starving so I ordered a delicious vegetable omelet. It was served with perfectly cooked hash browns. I wish I had taken a photo (I’ll get this blogging thing down yet!).   My friends ordered burgers and French toast which were equally as delectable. Once you've filled your tummy with satisfying food, it's time to relax and let the music take over.  The “Harlem Gospel Choir” features a talented lineup of gospel singers and musicians who will lift your spirits with soulful renditions of traditional and contemporary gospel songs. The Blue Note NYC is their residency performance space, so they are usually there every week.  Their foot-stomping up-tempo numbers and soulful ballads will have you clapping and singing along in no time.  There were a lot of invitations from the stage to join in …which I don’t typically like to do when I’m going to see music; clap your hands, stomp your feet, sing along, etc.  Because I am a musician, when I’m not performing myself, I truly enjoy NOT being asked to do ANYTHING from the stage and enjoy letting someone else do the driving.  But there I was just as touristy as the Scots surrounding me, clapping and singing along at their every request.  So much so that when they extended an invite for someone to come to the stage and sing a verse of Amazing Grace, I immediately raised my hand and sprinted to the stage.   I sang my verse with all my heart and soul. It was a genuinely nice experience and I thank the Harlem Gospel Choir for their graciousness. By the way, I guess I made an impression because I was offered a position with the group.  Amen indeed!


It was a memorable afternoon of fun that permeated the entire audience.  As you enjoy your meal and listen to the uplifting music, you'll be surrounded by a diverse and spirited crowd of fellow brunchers.  Some clapped on the beat, off the beat, sang out of tune, in tune; it's a celebration of togetherness that is truly infectious, and it's impossible not to be swept up in the fun and joy of it all.


The one downside was the sound. At the start of the show they had some trouble getting it together.  I have seen many shows at the Blue Note NYC and the sound has always been stellar. When I’m there I usually see A-listers so I guess they don’t pay much attention to getting it right on Sundays when the talent is local.   It’s a shame because it would have added to the show to not see the performers suffering through bad sound and pleading with the guy to get it right in the most congenial way they could.  I felt their pain, I’ve been there.  Top of Form

Despite the minor sound issues, the talent and spirit of the Harlem Gospel Choir shone through and captivated us all.


The gospel brunch at the Blue Note NYC is a must-visit for anyone looking to experience the power of gospel music in a unique and uplifting setting. Whether you're a fan of gospel music, enjoy delicious food, or simply want to immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of New York City, the gospel brunch at the Blue Note is sure to leave you feeling inspired, satisfied, and uplifted.  It's a hallelujah-filled celebration of music and food.  Make sure to book your reservation and embark on this Sunday morning jubilee for an extraordinary and unforgettable time.



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