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A Novice Builds a Website

When I started building this website I was completely confident that I would knock it out of the park in a few days since it was not my first website. Mind you, I have now been working on it since October 3rd of 2023. Yes, I can hear your collective laughter. However, building a website is like going into the deep, deep forest. You think you might know where you're going because you've been to the forest before, but then you get there and you see, oh, there's a bear, oh no, there's a deer. Damn, I need to go this way....I've got to get across this stream and I wore the wrong really don't know, you truly don't. It is now Jan 9th, 2024 and I have finally finished. I feel underwhelmingly victorious. I like the website and I appreciate it but what I wanted to feel was "Look at this awesome website! I did it wow...look at the beautiful baby". Instead, all I feel is relief, just abundant relief.

I spent many a night losing content that I had worked on for hours. I would push a button by accident and simply erase everything I had been working on. Video edits I spent a whole night on were gone in the morning when reopened the WIX website where I was working.   Demons were truly at play.   It was exhausting and mortifying on many nights. I have a newfound respect for video editors and the tedious tasks they take on. I must have downloaded 3 or 4 software programs and I'm still not sold on any of them. My last video ally was Capcut. I guess I'll stick with that for now until I'm able to hire someone to edit all the fabulous video content I intend to upload to this new blog.

At any rate the baby has been was a breech birth but it's here...thank God.

 If you're not here to listen to me as a musician, perhaps this newfound blog experience will give you a little chuckle or you’ll be able to relate to the arduous task of building a website.  It’s my first post as a blogger.   As I’m writing,  I’m enjoying it so keep I think it’s a keeper.  I plan to post monthly to start.

Subscribe, things are bound to get profoundly more interesting.

Until then, happy building.

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